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kathleen kneafsey


Kathleen Kneafsey grew up in Huntington, WV, where her childhood was very rooted in home, with days spent outside playing and lots of time in the kitchen cooking with her mother. There was amazing food served on the antique dishes that her mother loved to collect. Legendary arrangements of flowers from her mother's garden filled vases throughout the home. Being a maker herself, her mother recognized this in Kathleen and enrolled her in a children's pottery class at the Huntington Museum of Art. This would be the same place where Kathleen would later return to teach and make work of her own for over 20 years. This first class made a lasting imprint, with the instant connection to the outdoors through the clay and the firings. This experience led Kathleen to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in clay from Clemson University, a post baccalaureate licensure in art education at Lincoln Memorial University, post baccalaureate study in clay at Georgia State University, a Master of Arts in clay from Marshall University, and a Master of Fine Arts in clay from Miami University. Her work has been exhibited throughout the US, can be found in many publications, and in both private and public collections, including the Huntington Museum of Art and the American Museum of Ceramic Art. Returning to where it all began, Kathleen has been the Artist-in-Residence at the Huntington Museum of Art for over 20 years, where she oversees the Walter Gropius Master Artist Workshop Series in clay, and teaches both children and adults in the medium she loves. 


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